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On May 14, 1998, Trae and some friends were bar hopping in New York City. Every bar they went in seemed to have the same song playing, or a version of it, by a voice from a different era. While ordering a drink, he asked the bartender why everyone was playing the same songs tonight, and he told him Frank Sinatra had just died and the radio stations were playing tribute to the great singer. 


After that evening, he couldn't get Frank Sinatra out of his head and began toying with the idea of singing some of his songs, after all, he and Frank both had striking blue eyes and stories to tell. He put together a set list and began singing Sinatra at parties and bars around Savannah. 


By singing Sinatra's songs and the songs of other great American Songbook singers in an enchanting city like Savannah, one can't help but feel that old black magic in the thick summer air. It's the perfect nostalgic soundtrack to a journey through the low country and Trae's been able to make a living singing the songs he loves to the people of Savannah for the past 14 years. 


Known for entertaining at cocktail hours, wedding receptions, private paries and big band concerts, Trae's voice is the perfect compliment to any special evening. 


Trae has been singing Thursday's at Jazz'd Tapas Bar for the past 12 years, come see him from 7:30-11PM. 


He'll be the one at the end of the bar with a scotch, neat. 

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