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Given that Trae is known for his Jazz Standards around Savannah, it's hard to imagine him as a singer/songwriter.


His love for blues, soul and country music started long before he ever heard of Frank Sinatra. In his early teens and twenties, he played guitar in a local band but put the six string down for many years to focus on refining his vocals.


With an folk-song loving wife and an occassional guitar gig here and there, Trae was inspired to refine some of his most loved songs and pick up the ol' guitar yet again. When he plays, a new personality emerges and the soul of a true country boy comes to light.  The mix ranges from Otis Redding to Ryan Adams, A fresh blending of old and new. Keep an eye out for A Backstreet Boys song every now and again just to keep your attention. 


In addition to performing solo, you can catch Trae around town on a regular basis with a duo partner Ethan Stewart on lead guitar. They are available for gigs at house parties, special events or any venue where live music is enjoyed.


Visit the contact page for booking information or the gigs page to see where they will perform next.

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